Creating impact by generating insights, by understanding everything around us, every moment. By seamlessly collaborating and learning with anyone, anywhere. This ultimately allows you to anticipate better, faster and earlier. Let's make this practical by describing some of the results of issues we have resolved for our clients.
BAM Infra Nederland, detection of damage by digitalNXT Vision

Making roads safer with smart technology

BAM Infra Netherlands was looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to perform visual inspection and maintenance of the road surface. We worked together to develop a smart training solution based on customised algorithms that accurately detect and classify road surface damage.

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Averis Seeds improves patato quality digitalNXT Vision

Improved potato quality

Averis Seeds specialises in breeding new potato varieties. To improve the selection process, Averis launched a pilot with automatic image recognition, in which the visual characteristics of a potato are assessed by an algorithm instead of by human interaction.

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BAM Infra Nederland optimises het bid management proces with digitalNXT Search

Bid management optimisation

BAM Infra Netherlands is specialised in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure assets. The requests for tender that BAM responds to consist of a huge number of documents. To make these documents easy to find and search, BAM is experimenting with digitalNXT Search.

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Royal IHC optimises search proces with digitalNXT Search

Royal IHC, an ocean of data

Royal IHC designs, builds and maintains complex vessels and equipment for the offshore, dredging and wet-mining industries. To enable engineers to find data in different sources faster, Royal IHC uses digitalNXT Search.

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Atlas Copco Vacuum sells uptime with conNXT

Increased uptime thanks to IoT

Atlas Copco is a global provider of compressed air, nitrogen, power generation and vacuum solutions. Remote reading of the status of vacuum pumps is at the heart of a new service: customised scheduled maintenance.

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Ampelmann transport workers safely to and from offshore workplaces

Safe transport to and from offshore workplaces

Transporting workers from land to an offshore work platform has posed challenges for companies for decades. In as many as 20% of cases, the weather is too bad or the sea too rough to use these methods safely. Thanks to conNXT, Ampelmann does this a safer manner.

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