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Optimised bid management

BAM infra Nederland

  • 10 February 2021
  • 7 min

BAM Infra Nederland is specialised in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure assets. The requests for tenders that BAM often responds to often consist of hundreds or even tens of thousands of documents. To make these documents easy to find and search, BAM is experimenting with digitalNXT Search.

Large and complex tender processes always face time pressure. It is often impossible to read all the documents that are supplied and it is difficult to judge which documents should be read by whom, especially as the quotes team has to continuously look at them from different perspectives. From a design perspective, you would read a customer's wish or requirement differently than when reading it from a construction perspective. And viewed through maintenance glasses, you make different choices than when you look purely at aesthetics. Not to mention legal/contractual issues. Considering this complexity, how do you make a quote that is assured of success but that also properly covers all risks?

'digitalNXT Search is self-learning, which means that the search engine’s understanding of the context improves over time, and thus comes back with better and better results' - Kitting Lee, Director Digital Asset Management BAM Infra Nederland

More efficient bid process

Kitting Lee, Commercial & Innovation Manager at BAM Infra Netherlands, worked on tender projects himself as a bid manager years ago and is familiar with these problems. "It’s almost inevitable that a mistake will be made somewhere when you have to process large amounts of information within a short time frame. We also regularly find inconsistencies in our clients' documents. Just try filtering out those inconsistencies when thousands of documents are involved. If you only discover this after signing the contract, it can have very unpleasant consequences, both financially and certainly regarding collaboration.

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digitalNXT Search optimises BAM’s bid management

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