Making the world a smarter place day by day

OrangeNXT is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICT Group. ICT Group bring people, technology, and ideas together. As leading provider of total solutions for industrial automation, they link their technological expertise and specialist industry and multi-domain knowledge to innovative solutions for our clients. They help them to achieve future-proof growth and sustainability.

While consultancy, projects, and managed services are the core of our service provision, they develop more and more standard products and software solutions themselves. For you as well. As a group, it is our passion for technology that connects us. You can count on the potential of our 1.500+ technical professionals. They like the challenges posed by complicated problems and all our clients' business goals.

With a track record of over 40 years, ICT Group focus on sustainable growth by offering all their clients added value with proven solutions. Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Data Intelligence and integration of IT & OT systems are the boosters of what we also stand for: Intelligence Connected Together. No challenge is beyond us. ICT Group makes the world a smarter place day by day.

Let's meet!

ICT Group is a passionate 'techie' who survey the entire playing field and continue to build our lead in technology and market knowledge. Sustainable business operation is an integral part of their endeavour to make the world a smarter place day by day. Want to know more? We would be delighted to meet you and see, together, how we as a group could add more value to your business goals.

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