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AI Process Chemical Industries

  • 1 September 2021
  • 10 min

Throughout history, managing the factory environment during a pandemic has been a difficult task. Increased emphasis on social distance and personal protective equipment, industry leaders have relied on drastic cultural and operational changes in order to protect their workers and maintain production.

Inside autonomous systems on the factory floor

Today, COVID-19 has forced industries worldwide into an era of adoption. In what seems like an instant, entire business lines have adopted remote operating tools, digital collaboration resources, and virtual working environments. This normalization of next-generation technologies has opened the eyes of many frontline workers and executives to the power of tools like artificial intelligence and cloud collaboration, and has whet their appetite for more tools.

For the modern manufacturer, autonomous systems represent that next step towards becoming a safer, productive, and innovative organization. Whether by scaling the wisdom of veteran workers or adapting key performance indicators to changes in supply chain, autonomy offers engineering leaders an avenue to continue operations without compromising on safety.

Control your production processes based on evidence. Digital strategies make you a winner.

Increasing digitalization throughout the course of industry 4.0 enables continuous, data-driven and automated optimization of various processes. it creates new potential for evidence-based operational excellence. we call this OPEX 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a systematic and well-defined multi-stage concept that starts with networking all production steps and storing data on every detail of each production step. Then the data is brought together and put into context. This data can then be used to create models that are used to improve process flows.

OPEX 4.0 is the systematic approach one can take to achieve these improvements. Unlike traditional OPEX, it uses evidence-based and analytical methods that most certainly lead to getting the most economic out of each asset. Artificial Intelligent methods are also used here, such as Machine Learning and other Big Data Technologies.

Generate Maximum Value with Big Data

Take your operational excellence to the next level! Thousands of data records are generated every second in your production facilities. Through intelligent data analysis and modeling, you can identify previously unknown correlations and turn your data into valuable, evidence-based insights (smart data).

Process Optimization
With Big Data Analytics, you can unlock greater potential for process optimization across your plants. Simulations with Digital Twins enable you to determine the optimal operation of your plant in a safer environment. With Automated Machine Learning, you can continuously monitor your processes, perform real-time optimizations, and finally regulate your plant online with an AI-based optimizer.

Efficiency Improvement
Our OPEX 4.0 program is modular and cost-efficient. It can be tailored to your individual requirements and also integrates existing Big Data Analytics activities. Through a holistic approach, out-of-spec production is reduced, raw material and energy use is minimized, and efficiency is increased.

Cost Savings
The starting point of a Big Data project is, among other things, the accurate calculation of manufacturing costs. Data-driven modelling can be used to identify the relevant changeable parameters and their impact on the outcome of a process. In the next step, our optimizer determines those changeable parameters that can be used to minimize the costs of each case without compromising quality.

Sustainable Value Creation
Sustainable value creation focuses primarily on the efficient use of resources and raw materials, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and increasing product quality while lowering manufacturing costs. By using Big Data analytics and AI, you can make faster, better, evidence-based decisions and optimize safety and environmental protection.

Take your value chain into Industry 4.0

Globalization is intensifying competition, in which data is becoming an extremely valuable asset. The goal of Industry 4.0 is to create connected, agile, continuously learning companies that are able:

  • To standardize and automate on a high level;
  • To capture, analyze and evaluate the company’s internal knowledge in form of complete data;
  • To profitably apply the gained new knowledge (smart data).

Making the right decisions faster and reacting rapidly to changing requirements becomes a competitive advantage.

We accompany customers in the process industry worldwide on their way to Industry 4.0. While we are specialized in the technological area of Big Data Analytics and the implementation of OPEX 4.0 projects, our partners advise in other fields of Industry 4.0. In addition, we jointly develop customized, holistic Industry 4.0 solutions.

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