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Benefits and possible last mile solutions

  • 5 November 2021
  • 10 min

In our latest blog we talked about the challenges and current situation within the last mile delivery. Within this blog we will zoom in on the possible solutions for those challenges and the benefits it’ll bring.

Before looking at possible solutions, it is necessary to consider the benefits for the ‘last mile’ that the various stakeholders are hoping to achieve. These are presented in the table below.

Benefits per stakeholder

Sender Customer service Drivers Recipients
  • Better SLA and monitoring of KPI's
  • Cost saving for preparation, communication, error handling, and registration of packing material
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Direct insight into driver and shipment status
  • Full communication with customers concerning current status adn ETA
  • Re-allocation of shipments and returns
  • Fewer error and less administration
  • User-friendly systems
  • Fewer errors in shipments and returns
  • Clear instructions and quick processing of data
  • Fewer discussions with the backoffice
  • Real-time insight into shipments, returns, incidents and packaging material
  • Last-minute shipments and returns are processed efficiently
  • Accurate ETA information
  • Quick deliveries (same-day-delivery)
  • Easy interation

The difference between satisfied and dissatisfied recipients stresses the importance of realizing the above solutions. This is ultimately about aiming for a solution, for processes and systems, and for a realization by staff that are optimized for consistent and predictable delivery of the expected quality.

Quick, affordable and correct

Quick, affordable and correct delivery contributes to a positive customer experience and enhanced customer loyalty. As mentioned before, this may result in ‘positive word of mouth’. Approximately 58% of the recipients will post positive feedback on social media, and 73% of the recipients will try new services. 82% will share their positive experience with family and friends, and 74% of the recipients will spend more. What’s more, today’s media allow any complaints to be published to a wide audience easily and frequently.

Innovative last mile solutions

There is a strong focus on visibility of the delivery process. Data that is proof of delivery and tracking data are useful in case of a late delivery or if a shipment has gone missing. It also enhances customer satisfaction, because recipients can see exactly what the status of their shipment is, including a realistic estimated time of delivery.

There are also innovative last mile solutions to increase the likelihood of successful delivery and, thus, customer satisfaction. Walmart experiments with a ‘last-mile’ delivery to the recipient’s home address with guaranteed success for the first delivery attempt. The Walmart courier delivers the shipment to the door using a smart doorbell and a camera. The customer can monitor the process via the camera.

Another option that has been available for some time is the use of self-service lockers as delivery location for shipments. The locker can be opened using a unique collection code. Amazon, PostNL and DHL have already implemented this. There is also an initiative in which couriers have access to the customer’s car and shipments are delivered to the car trunk. This is already used in night distribution, for delivery of parts to engineers. Of course, in that situation a relationship of confidence already exists between the supplier and the business partner.

Stay tuned

Within the past view blogs we gave you a better insight on the most accurate topics within the last mile. The next blog will draw several conclusions with regards to the findings of previous blogs and give you some recommendations. So stay tuned for more!

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