Industry 4.0 benchmark report

What is going on within the Dutch industry and are Dutch companies ready for the next step? In our report you can read more about, among other things:

  • Integration of IT & OT
  • Optimal asset management
  • Impact of Industry 4.0

Download: Industry 4.0 benchmark report

Data driven factory

Industry 4.0 - Smarter industries

Right now we are in the middle of the rise of Industry 4.0 (Smart Industries). The fourth industrial revolution has everything to do with Internet of Things, data driven work and automation of production processes. Industries are getting smarter because machines, products, services and people are constantly connected and sharing information.

Making your factory smarter with the help of new developments and technologies turns out to be a huge challenge. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession and you have the choice of a large number of possibilities. But what is the most profitable in your situation? What choices should you make or not make? What practical experiences are there? As a supplier of industrial technology solutions, ICT Group would like to help you on your way.

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